• Student Engagement and Retention

    Faculty/Staff Resources

    Reporting an Incident:

    Any member of the campus community may file an incident report regarding suspected student misconduct by contacting the Office of Student Engagement and Retention at 361-698-1777.  Please be as detailed as possible regarding the incident in question. There is also an option to upload any applicable documents such as photographs, screenshots of social media pages, etc. Any emergency situations should be reported at once to the Del Mar College Campus Security at 361-698-1946 non-emergency and emergency 361-698-1277.

    Behavioral Conduct:

    Del Mar College has strict guidelines regarding acceptable behavior for all college students and detailed processes for how the college will respond to violations. The Student Code of Conduct provides students with the information regarding the college’s expectations. 

    Please contact the Office Student Engagement and Retention at 361-698-1277 or via email at studentconduct@delmar.edu 

    Faculty/Staff Guide for Student Code of Conduct Referrals:

    Student Conduct Process:
    The Student Conduct Process is designed to be educational, not legal, in nature. Rules of evidence and discovery do not apply to the Student Conduct Process. Students are responsible for actions that constitute misconduct and violate the Code of Student Conduct. When the Office of Student Engagement and Retention is made aware of a potential violation of the Student Code of Conduct, it may be necessary to conduct an investigation after which a determination will be made whether there is a conduct violation. Any student found responsible for misconduct may be subject to conduct sanctions.

    Student Code of Conduct Flow Chart

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Student in Crisis Faculty and Staff Guide: Behavior Intervention Team 

    Title IX, Gender Based Discrimination, Harassment, and Assault:

    Please report any incident which involves student victims of harassment, discrimination, and/or sexual violence to the Office of Student Engagement and Retention at 361-698-1277 or email cgarner6@delmar.edu .  The Dean of Student Engagement and Retention is responsible for Title IX compliance for matters involving students, including training, education, communication, and administration of the grievance procedures for all complaints against DMC students.