• Weapons on Campus

    Anyone having knowledge of a weapon or an armed person on campus should immediately alert the DMC Security of the situation. DMC Security Office ext. 1199 (698-1199)

    1.  Be prepared to provide the following information to the police:
         Location of the armed person
         How is the person armed, i.e. rifle, pistol, knife
         Actions (and, if known, purpose) of armed individual
         A complete description of the individual
         Whether or not any shots have been fired
         Your name and where you can be located if needed

         Texas handgun licensing laws do not permit the carrying of handguns in College buildings. (Texas Penal Code;
         Section 46.03 (f). Place Weapons Prohibited)

    2.  After notifying the police, notify the Safety Office and /or appropriate dean's office of the situation (Refer to
         Emergency Contacts, pages 3-4).
         Unless otherwise directed, persons on campus should remain in their office or classroom with doors closed
         and locked, if possible.
         If there is danger of shots being fired or if shots have been fired, all persons should lie on the floor and remain
         as calm as possible.
         Individuals should remain in a place of safety until assured that any danger has been resolved.

    3.  Any student, faculty, or staff member should call DMC Security Office ext. 1199 (698-1199) immediately when
         conduct may endanger personal safety or property.

         One or more of the following may govern conduct:
              • DMC Board of Regents Policy
              • Texas Education Code; Section 4.31, Exhibition of Firearms
              • Texas Penal Code; Section 42.01, Disorderly Conduct
              • Texas Penal Code; Chapter 46. Weapons