• Meet Our Staff

    You are encouraged to contact our office at (361) 698-1290 with questions regarding the admissions process, your application status, or to learn more about all of the programs we offer at Del Mar College. Please feel free to call or email our office at enroll@delmar.edu to assist you with any additional questions.

    Staff members are available to answer your question today!

    Name   Title   Phone  Email  Campus Location 
    Gracie Martinez Director of Admissions (361) 698-1192 gmartinez@delmar.edu  East Campus, Harvin Center
    Lisa Centennial Student Enrollment Specialist (361) 698-1762 lcentennial@delmar.edu  West Campus, Coleman Center
    Debbie Mondragon Student Enrollment Specialist (361) 698-1287 dmondragon@delmar.edu  East Campus, Harvin Center 
    Celeste Morales Student Enrollment Specialist (361) 698-1286 cmorales18@delmar.edu  East Campus, Harvin Center
    Juli An Propp Student Enrollment Specialist (361) 698-2362 jpropp@delmar.edu   East Campus, Harvin Center
    Nicole Ramon Student Enrollment Specialist (361) 698-1682 nramon@delmar.edu  East Campus, Harvin Center
    Sara King Coordinator of Recruitment (361) 698-2473 sking10@delmar.edu  East Campus, Harvin Center 
    Michelle Montes College Outreach Specialist (361) 698-2199  mmmontes@delmar.edu   East Campus, Harvin Center 
    Bradley Moore College Outreach Specialist (361) 698-1929 bmoore2@delmar.edu  East Campus, Harvin Center 


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