• Medical Emergencies


         Action should be taken in cases of life threatening situations such as:
              • an unconscious person;
              • no breathing or choking;
              • cardiac arrest;
              • severe bleeding.

         Attempts should be made to assist the victim. Upon observation of the medical emergency, take the following
              • If you are able, render first aid/CPR or obtain assistance of someone who is accessible and willing to
                manage the situation.
              • Call or have someone call 911 for EMS and then DMC Security Office ext. 1199 (698-1199).
              • State the nature or type of emergency.
              • Give the location of building, floor, and room.

         Identify the person and any other pertinent information which will help prepare responders
              • Age
              • Gender
              • Symptoms victim is exhibiting
              • Pre-existing health condition (if known)
              • Medication the victim may be taking (if known)
              • Stay with victim until emergency personnel arrive

         Have another individual in the area meet the emergency personnel to expedite locating the victim inside a

         When time permits, contact the Security Office and the appropriate administrator. If incident involves a student,
         contact the vice president of Student Development so assistance can be provided as needed (refer 
         to Emergency Contact pages 3-4).

         Following the medical emergency, prepare an incident report regarding the actions taken in response to the
         emergency. Copies of this report should be sent to the College President, Vice President of Student
         Development, appropriate administrators, and the Safety Office.


         Injuries which are not life threatening, but which have occurred on College property.
              • First aid should be provided within the scope of knowledge and skill by anyone who is readily accessible and
                willing to manage the situation.
              • Contact DMC Security Office ext. 1199. If involving a student, contact the vice president of Student
                 Development and Community Learning to report the incident (refer to Emergency Contacts, pages 3-4).
              • If necessary, DMC Security will assist the injured person in arranging transportation to a hospital.

         College personnel will not, as College representatives, provide personal transportation for injured or ill persons.
         Call EMS 911, and DMC Security Office ext. 1199 (698-1199).

         DMC Security and/or Safety Office will make a written report for any injury that occurs on College property.
              • Instructors shall submit a report to their department chair concerning circumstances of student injuries
                occurring in class activities.
              • Initial reports should be forwarded to the administrator immediately responsible for the instructional or
                operational program for appropriate distribution.
              • Supervisors remain responsible for reporting injuries and sickness of employees in compliance with DMC
                Workers' Compensation policies.
              • The DMC Workers' Compensation carrier provides a web-based injury reporting system. Upon receipt of
                 injury reports from a supervisor, the staff will enter the information and forward it to the coverage carrier,
                 normally within twenty-four hours.