• Bomb Threat Procedures

     In the event you are contacted by phone regarding a bomb threat, these steps should be followed:

    1.  Remain calm, listen, and take notes

         Remember what you hear!
         Keep the caller talking while you notify someone near you that you are on a bomb threat call and to reach
         If the call is received on a telephone with caller ID display - RECORD THE DISPLAYED NUMBER.

    2.  Try to get as much information as possible.

          Questions could include:
               • Where is the bomb?
               • What does it look like?
               • Building in question?
               • Time of setting?
               • Location of bomb?
               • Why would you want to hurt innocent people?    
               • Could you repeat the message?
               • Can you tell me the reason you are doing this?

         Record a description of the caller's voice:
               • male, female
               • juvenile, adult
               • local, foreign, southern
               • impediment, slurred
               • excited, quiet, calm
               • education level

         Listen for background noises such as railroad, streets, aircraft

    3.  Immediately call DMC Security Office ext. 1199.

    4.  Do not discuss the call with anyone but appropriate authority-in-charge to prevent alarming others.

    5.  The DMC Security will contact the Corpus Christi Police Department, or other agency, for necessary assistance
         concerning the call, regardless of the validity of the threat.

    6.  Procedures to be implemented will be based on the content of the bomb threat and course of action selected by
         the authorities.

         Do not sound an alarm
         Decision for the type of response procedures will be made by police or College authorities
         If evacuation plan is implemented, procedures outlined in SECTION V: Evacuation Procedures will be followed.
              • If the evacuation is due to a bomb threat, be alert and make a note of any unusual packages that may be in or
                near your office area.
              • Do not touch the package but report it to authorities immediately.
         DMC Safety Manual Section 8: Bomb Threat Response: Considerations.
         DMC Safety Manual Section 8: Bomb Threat Call checklist.